Frequently Asked Questions




1. The franchising fees

Ans: If you would like to be franchisee, franchising fees is around 200,000 THB per franchise’s branch – Free on board (FOB).  If you would like to be agent in Singapore for distributing inland, franchising fees must have cash pledge which will talk to you later.



2. The requirements needed to franchise your products


  • Have capital of investment.

  • Have location (Example Tesco Lotus, Big C, Shopping mall, and local market (or Communities.) where open every day, will be better.

  • Have honest personnel (1 seller per 1 booth enough). 



3. The franchising policy (>>>franchise contract?)


  • Equipment sales are the franchise. But we will prepare for you (the table, scales, blenders, immersion tanks which are a total cost of equipment in the operation. - Frist payment of the contract day including VAT already. - The rest pay in installing day. - Other........ (If you go out of business, you must to return booth to us).

  • To sell only our products. The packaging is sold to customers, have to use ours only.

  • To receive materials (3 main products) from us only.

  • Prohibit modification or changes in the products, including the Equipment sales (Booth).

  • Every time after delivery of the goods must be paid in cash. (or pay before delivery of the goods)

  • Franchise has not authorized in act to occur liabilities. And franchise has not been responsible stead company. Moreover franchise doesn’t set sale price of products (Sale price is set by company)

  • Franchise agreement to provide employees who have been appointed by company, responsible for general support, coordination and customer contact on the part of the franchise. Sales representative or PC in each point which must to put in uniform’s company only.

  • Return of products must be returned before the expiry date which is stated on the products 5 days (identify the cause of returns every time).

  • In case, the franchise will have special events in addition to the original point of sale. The franchise must to inform company for permission before.

  • Promotion of sale is defined by company which franchise must to join always.

  • Prohibit expansion franchises or business by yourself (Imitate our brand). Otherwise, it is considered an offense under the copyright , and we have the right to cancel the contract

  • If the franchise would like to expand branch, franchise must to write request for approval with us before.

  • Contract Parties cannot assign, transfer any part of the benefit unless the consent of the other party. Except with the written consent in the contract.

  • In case, cancellation of the contract and the payment isn’t exhausted. All equipment sales will be company without any refund.

  • Starting contract date will have immediately effect follow agreement in contract. Franchise will strictly any operate. (All equipment sales are maintained and cleaned to standard, All Products must be kept correctly quality and cleaned.)  

  • Franchise is obligated to inform company immediately if there is damage to the property of company. (If you ignore and then company receive aftereffect, franchise must to be responsible totally damage).

  • In case, the franchise could not comply with any of the terms of this agreement. And / or could not operate for the standards of performance which company defined. After that company will inform you by writing for improvement. If franchise could not resolve that within 7 days. Company has the right to cancel this contract immediately. After a specified period has ended.

  • Contract ends in case cancel business. Franchise must pay total liabilities within 7 days (starting when contract ends). Franchise allows for demolition all equipment.

  • Trademark’s company is copyright laws of Numaoyraimaijon Co., Ltd only. If person or franchise uses it without contract of agreement from us that be guilty by copyright laws.


If I answer not clear or you have doubt above message, I am glad to more explain.


Thank you for your interest.